Novelis Inc. has announced to invest $365 million to build an advanced recycling center for automotive in North America. In addition, the new recycling facility will create 140 new jobs in Guthrie, Kentucky.

New Recycling Facility

The announcement made by Novelis is good news for Kentucky’s people. The Atlanta based company is the leading producer of rolled aluminum. The new recycling facility will be built adjacent to their existing automotive finishing plant in Guthrie. The existing automotive plant became operational in October last year. The center will enable Novelis to grow its closed-loop-recycling programs with more automotive customers in North America. The closed loop recycling program will take back the aluminum remaining after automotive stamping of parts from sheets. Later, the new pant will recycle it into the same product for new vehicle production. The facility will reduce carbon emission by more than 1 million tons each year.

Employment Prospects

This recycling facility will approximately add 140 new jobs in Guthrie. Currently, Novelis is employing 150 people at its automotive plant and they have planned to increase it to 190 over the next two years. This jobs at existing automotive plant and the new recycling plant will adds up to 330 in the small city of Guthrie. In 2020, the population of Guthrie was 1,400. In addition, Novelis employs 1,600 workers in Kentucky. Apart from Guthrie automotive finishing facility, Novelis operates an aluminum beverage can recycling plant in Berea and the Logan Aluminum joint venture in Russellville.

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    Kentucky’s Administration Welcomed the Investment

    “We are excited about this new investment in Kentucky, which will help Novelis achieve its sustainability goals, as well as support the carbon-reduction targets of our automotive customers”. Tom Boney, Executive Vice President and President of Novelis North America stated this in his statement. Kentucky’s Gov. Andy Beshear also commented on the investment prospects. “As we continue to build back throughout Western Kentucky, companies are committed to creating quality job opportunities for Kentucky families”.

    The center will also be able to process aluminum from vehicles at the end of their life cycle. Using recycled aluminum as input material requires only 5% of the energy used to make primary aluminum.

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