Delivery companies in United States are facing the challenge of labor shortage. They are finding it difficult to handle their supply chain during the busy holiday season.

Various Jobs Advertisement Methods

Delivery companies are employing various mean to lure the workers. Some of these include job fair, online job boards, help-wanted signs and many other. Worker shortage issue worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery phase. It has hit retail and transportation employers the hardest. It is during the holiday season when they need additional workforce to smoothly carry out their operations. But the hiring is affected badly.

Companies Paying Higher Wages

The package delivery services have advertised the positions for some time. USPS began the advertisement for dozens of new jobs during October. The company tried to attract the workers by offering bonuses to new hires along with retention gifts and prizes. They offered to pay $17 an hour for inside package handlers and $21 an hour to seasonal drivers. They also offered mileage to those willing to drive their own vehicles.

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    Challenge for USPS

    United States Postal Service is also going through a similar crisis. The auditors warned that the nationwide labor shortage will prevent USPS from hiring its planned 45,000 temporary workers. The U.S. postal service managed to meet their seasonal hiring goal past year. But it seems improbable this year in wake of  current worker shortage crisis. USPS currently have more than 1,100 open jobs in their trucking workforce. They are seeking to address that by retraining some employees and putting more mail on fewer trucks.

    On the other hand, the U.S. Postal Service reported its performance metrics appeared solid heading into the holidays, and its network was in position to handle the anticipated surge in volume in December. The conversion of 63,000 pre-career employees into career positions. The onboarding of more than 185,000 employees is expected to carry USPS through the holidays. The hiring included backfilling the pre-career positions and a campaign to bring on 40,000 seasonal employees. Additionally, the installation of high-speed package processing equipment in 112 locations is expected to boost daily processing capacity by 4.5 million packages.

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