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Solar and renewable energy sector have successfully managed to hire and retain their employees in 2021. Recently, a salary survey was conducted by RO (renewable energy recruitment company). The survey included 400 respondents working in U.S. solar industry.

Flexible Work Arrangements

It has been observed that the solar and renewable energy companies were able to attract workers throughout 2021. Same was reflected in the survey which was conducted by RO. Above-market salaries, guaranteed first year bonuses and flexible work opportunities were some of the key factors for successful job offers in 2021. Flexible work options are becoming a new normal since the break-out of Covid 19. Amid health concerns companies are offering remote work options to its employees. The survey showed that 82% of the respondents reiterated that fact that remote work was important to them. Around 46% of employees said they fully worked from home while other had skeleton staffing options.

Survey Key-Points

The survey also notified that average pay increase was 3.5% per year. Despite this, employees are not willing to move to another place. Employees are willing to move to another organization if they get a raise of at least 12% from their current salary. However, the survey shows a 10% gap between the salaries of male and female employees working in the same role. This is 4% higher as compared to the results of last year’s survey.

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    The employees were also asked about the thing they liked the most. Employees who are relatively new in the sector consider work environment and culture as the priority. These employees have an average experience of 0-5 years. Other popular benefits included flexible working hours (18%), health insurance (13%) and retirement contributions (8%). On average, the workers have 15 days of paid time off. It is further mentioned that the finance offered highest pay levels in solar sector. The average pay is $94,000 for employees with two years of experience.

    The survey also reported the areas on which the solar sector scored low. The employees responded that equity and salary (12% each), 401k retirement plans (11%), more paid time off (9%), and a bonus (9%) needs improvement.

    In turbulent times like these where employers are facing the challenge hire and retain employees. However, the employees are solar sector are relatively satisfied and are staying at their jobs.

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